Tulsa Organizations & Services

Use this resource to find Tulsa clubs, support groups, professional societies, social service and government agencies, libraries, museums, speakers, meeting facilities and more. Links are included in entries for organizations with web sites. Tulsa Organizations & Services also offers an organized collection of local newsletters, publications, press releases and clippings. For more information, call 549-7415 or email jburton@tulsalibrary.org.

Tulsa City County Library
Tulsa Organizations & Services
400 Civic Center
Tulsa, OK  74103-3830

phone: (918) 549-7415
fax: (918) 549-7416


Do you know about a club, speaker or organization that is not represented in the Tulsa Organizations & Services database? Do you have knowledge that some of the information in the above record is incorrect/outdated? Select one of our online forms to send us information that could be added to the database. Submission information is reviewed by the Community Information Office before posting online.

  • Use the Feedback form to submit updated information, comments or questions.
  • Use the Club form if your organization has a slate of elected officers.
  • Use the Agency form for any other organizational structure (i.e., Contact Person, or Executive Director).
  • Use the Speaker form to submit information about someone who will give a talk or presentation to others in the Tulsa community at no cost.

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