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There are 6 computers for customer use.

Building features include a lively teen corner and children's bay window area. Stories From the Rocking Chair are told every Tuesday at 10:30 for birth to 5 years old.

There is one meeting room which seats 75.

The stain glass window was paid for by donations from the community.

Book Club: 
"Comedy of Errors" Book Group meets every month on the 2nd Tuesday at noon. Check the Library's Monthly Event Guide or call 918.549.7528 for more information.

The Collinsville LIbrary is the oldest library building within the Tulsa City-County Library and the only Carnegie Library in Tulsa County.  The Collinsville Library plays a vital role in the history of what was once a little pioneer town in Indian Territory. In 1903 a group of women formed the Comedy of Errors Book Club. Their first order of business was to adopt the project of founding a library for Collinsville, Oklahoma. Their first books were donated from a Methodist Church organization and were kept in the home of Comedy of Errors Book club founder, Mrs. J.A. Tyner. The books were moved to several locations in downtown Collinsville until 1911 when the books found a permanent home in a room on the second floor of the new city hall. Members of the COE club and The Women’s Council operated the library for the public. The members of the COE club held teas, talent shows, and benefits to purchase books for the library. They even had a ‘book shower” which brought in books from women’s group all over the state.

In 1913 Clyde Bollman and J.B. Potter went “back east” to secure funds from the Carnegie Foundation. The City Fathers went east, but the City Mothers sent them. They were granted $7,500.00 to erect a building on land furnished by Collinsville. The new building was started in 1915 and at the dedication on July 20, 1917, the members of the COE Club were given a glowing tribute for starting and keeping the project alive, and for the 1500 books they gave to the library.

The new library, located on a 100 by 140 foot lot on the corner of 13th and Main, was a one story building with a basement, built of brick and stone with a tile roof, and made fireproof throughout.

In 1962 a countywide vote decided that a new city-county library system would be adopted. The Carnegie Collinsville Library closed on June 30, 1962, and the Collinsville Branch Library of the Tulsa City-County Library System opened its doors on July 1, 1962. In 1999 the collection from the library was moved to a small store front on Main Street, back to one of the first homes of the CV Library, while the entire building was renovated and expanded. On April 6, 2000, the Collinsville Library once again opened its doors to an increase in square footage from 3, 260 to 7, 860, an expanded collection, a children’s corner with a bay window, a neon teen center sign, a stained glass window, 11 computers, videos, CD’s, DVD’s, and the only elevator in town. The budget for this library renovation was over $800,000. The renovations maintained the historical integrity of the original Carnegie Library. The library still proudly displays the inlaid cornerstone that designates it as a Carnegie Library.

The Patchworkers, a library quilting group, meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.  The All Thumbs Knitters group meets every Wednesday. The Friends of the Collinsville Library actively supports library programs through a book sale in the lobby and generous donations. It also sponsors meetings of the Comedy of Errors Book Club on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. In addition, scout troops, sports groups and homeowners organizations also use the meeting room. 

In a Tulsa World article dated Sunday, May 26, 1940, The Librarian, Mrs. Ollie B. Howell, states that the library is the headquarters for many youngsters every day after school. The same holds true today. As soon as school is out, the students from the middle school walk to the library to read, visit, use the computers and complete their homework. Parents bring their younger children throughout the day. The high school students rush in to complete reports and homework assignments in the evening. Each year the library hosts summer reading programs for the children, teens and adults.

The citizens of Collinsville have always loved their library. That care, concern, and love has held true since 1903 when the COE first met and made the library a priority until today when the current COE Club meets once a month to discuss the book of the month.

As well as being an integral part of the community, the library’s goal is to provide the opportunity for many happy memories for our customers and to continue the tradition started by a handful of pioneers in 1903.

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