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Sunday: 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
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African-American Resource Center

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The purpose of the African-American Resource Center is to collect, preserve and provide access to resources honoring and documenting the experiences of people of African descent.

The Center is devoted to providing the community with current and comprehensive resource materials and professional reference materials on the culture and history of African-Americans.

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African American Resource Center Features

Reference Materials

  • Dictionaries
  • Encyclopedias
  • Bibliographies
  • Chronicles
  • Indexes
  • Five Civilized Tribal Rolls

Listening Station
An homage to the musical artistry of African-Americans

Viewing Stations
Videotapes of oral histories of North Tulsans and on African-American intellectuals, history and black thought

Displays are used to promote and interpret the collection and are made possible by local citizens. Past exhibits include:

  • "400 Years Without a Comb"
  • "Aristocrats of Color"
  • "Harlem Renaissance"
  • "Distorted Images"
  • "Portraits of Historic African-American Leaders" -  Exhibit from the Oklahoma State Capitol
        (Oklahoma Centennial Project- 2007)
  • “Roots of Black Hair”: Exhibit features historical African and African-American hair related items on loan from the private collection of Brenda and Eddie Cleveland, owners of Technical Institute of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences

Materials for Teachers and Community Organizations

  • Educational kits to promote multicultural education
  • Historical games, like "African-American Bingo," to make learning black history fun
  • Cultural posters for displays

Electronic Databases

  • Inventors and Innovations
  • Encyclopedia of African-American
  • History and Culture
  • American Social Leaders
  • African American Heritage
    (Note: This database may only be accessed on site at the Rudisill Regional Library) 

Adult and Children's Programs

  • Presentations by renowned authors
  • Book discussions and reviews
  • Annual tour of Oklahoma's historic all-black towns
  • Annual Kwanzaa Kickoff
  • Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Program
  • Annual African-American History Month Celebration
  • Annual Juneteenth Extravaganza

African American Resource Center Tours

As the only center of its kind in Oklahoma, our services have attracted visitors throughout the nation. Individual and group tours of the center's collection and special features are available by appointment. To arrange a tour, call the coordinator at 918.549.7645.